Is Kayaking Easy for Beginners?

Kayaking is an easy skill to master for beginners and a great way to get out on the water. This blog will introduce the basics of kayaking, including the different types of kayaks, what gear is required, where to learn and how to use the paddle. Readers will find lots of valuable hints and tips and a frequently asked questions section. Fascinating articles will allay any fears about taking up this fun hobby and advise on what to do if the kayak capsizes. There is also lots of information on taking note of the weather conditions.

The Three Strokes of Kayaking

28 May 2022

There are actually three different types of strokes used when paddling. They are the forward stroke, the sweep stroke, and the edge. It is best to learn these basics before venturing out into deep or fast-flowing water. Adopting the correct sitting position for kayaking is also crucial.

Kayaking Locations for Beginners

14 Apr 2022

The most crucial aspect to consider when learning to kayak is to select a location appropriate for beginners. It needs to be fully protected from the wind and should be a class 1 body of water. That means it has no waves or movement in the water.

Essential Gear for Kayaking

14 Mar 2022

When starting out with kayaking, there are some basics that are essential. Number one, as far as safety is concerned, is to have a personal flotation device, otherwise known as a lifejacket. Waterproof clothing is also necessary, and it needs to protect the kayaker from all types of weather.